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Passed Exhibition (archive)


  • Majerca  (Tokyo)-"Ultra Hive2"  (group show)



  • Beinart Gallery  (Melbourne)-Toddlerpillars  (group show)

  • Plastic Pizza - PIZZAWEEN 2023 in NYCC (group show)

  • Stormy Vault (NY)-NYCC 2023 (group show)

  • Nosetaradamasu (Kitakyusyu, Japan)- UJP 13 (group show) 

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)- Gift Wrapped 2023 (group show)


  • Clutter Gallery (Beacon, NY)- Oni (solo show)

  • Stranger Factory (New Mexico)- Dreams of Wonderland (group show)

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)- Gift Wrapped 2022(group show)


  • WEETOYS Gallery (Bangkok)- CHUQ'S PLAY -(group show )  

  • Lion.C (Shanghai)- Custom of Lion.C (group show)

  • NYCC (NY) -(group show)

  • Stormy Vault (FB)- Online art auction (group show)

  • Hive Gallery (LA)-Master Blasters of Sculpture 13 (group show)

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)-Gift Wrapped 2021- (group show)

  • Sofubi art base ​(Macau)- New gallery open show (group show)

  • Nosetaradamasu (Kitakyusyu, Japan)- UJP 11 (group show) 


  • 未那 (Beijin)- Eternal Festival (ART MUSEUM solo show)

   *postponed due to pandemic

  • Hive Gallery (LA)- 15th years anniversary show( group show )  

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)-Gift Wrapped- (group show)

  • Big C (LA, BIG C FB)-(group show)

  • Nosetaradamasu (Kitakyusyu, Japan)- UJP 10 (group show) 

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)-Gift Wrapped- (group show)


  • COPRO Gallery (CA) - CONJOINED 9   (group show)   

  • THE ARTS OF SUBVERSION 東京 (Document Short movie) -Directed by Justine Morrow

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)-GID The Glow Show- (group show)

  • Sansei-Do  (Tokyo) -Collector's  parlor- ( group show)

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)- Monsters & Meihem- (group show)

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)-Gift Wrapped- (group show)

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)-Bubbles Custom Show- (group show)

  • Anaheim convention center (Anaheim) - Designer con (Art event)



  • 未那-匠Art Museum (Beijing) -和而不同 (ART MUSEUM  group show)

  • 未那-WF (Shanghai)- The Golden Age (special exhibition)  

  • Hive Gallery(LA) - 13th anniversary  ( group show )      

  • Hive Gallery (LA) - Line Attack 7 ( group show )  

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)^ Russian Constructivism (group show)               

  • Riley Smith Theatre (UK) - TOY ART UK (Art toy convention)

  • LAVA Gallery (Kita Kusyu, Japan)- UNDER JOB PARTY 8 (group show)

  • Flabslab (Singapore)- Lunar Beast Custom Art Show (group show)

  • Anaheim convention center (Anaheim) - Designer con (Art event)

  • Anaheim convention center (Anaheim) - Shard show2 (group show)

  • Anaheim convention center (Anaheim) - Synthetic human show (group show)


  • Wrong Gallery (Taipei)- Goddess & Monsters, (two artists show)

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)- 'Yokai!' , 3 artists featured show

  • Copro Gallery (CA) - Conjoined 7 (group show)

  • Alexi Era Gallery (OR) - Vanitas (group show)

  • Alexi Era Gallery (OR)- Sketch Saturday (group show)

  • Komainu art  (Tokyo)- 'Girls and Skulls' (online event)

  • Mattia Fagnoni (Naples)-(Charity group show)

  • Milk boy (Tokyo)- MAD BALL CUSTOM SHOW (group show)

  • Komainu art (Tokyo)- Tokyo Jesus drawings2 (online event)

  • Hive Gallery(LA) - '12th-anniversary' (group show)

  • Stranger Factory(NM)- 'Bat in Belfry'   (group show)

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)- 'The Blank show 2" (group show)

  • Nosetaradamasu (Kitakyusyu, Japan)- UJP 7 (group show) 

  • Hive Gallery(LA)-Master Blasters of Sculpture9, (group Show)

  • Topic Museum (Spain)- (Art Museum group show)

  • Clutter Gallery (NY) - "Gift Wrapped" (group show) 

  • Collect and Display (UK)- Monthly Artist Dec. (featured artist)

  • FlabSlab (Republic of Singapore)- The Legend Of The Lunar Beast, (group show)



  • Stranger Factory(NM)- Skulls and Sweets (two artists show)

  • COPRO GALLERY(Santa Monica)-Conjoined 666  (group show)

  • ALEXI ERA gallery(IL)- Lowbrow Tarot2, (group show)

  • Hive Gallery (LA) -11th years anniversary (group show)

  • Stranger Factory Gallery(NM)- 5 year anniversary, (group show) 

  • Clutter Gallery(NY)-"Bear in Mind show" - Bear in Mind show -Luke Chue's Bear Head custom (group show)

  • Komainu art (Tokyo)- Tokyo Jesus Drawings, (online event)

  • Komainu art (Tokyo)- Tokyo Jesus drawings2

  • Clutter Gallery(NY)- DTA Custom Dunny Show. (group show) 

  • Hive Gallery(LA)- Master Blasters of Sculpture- (group show)

  • TokyoComiCon with Tomenosuke-Makuhari Messe (event)

  • Clutter Gallery (NY)-'Gift Wrapped'- (group show)



  • LA ART SHOW (LA)-Copro gallery booth in Littletopia 

  • COPRO GALLERY (Santa Monica)-Conjoined V  (group show)

  • Hive Gallery (LA)-Tarot6 Group Exhibition (featured artist)

  • Krab Jab Studio (Seattle)-Divine and Sacred (featured artist)

  • Modern Eden Gallery (SF)-Zealot's Elixir (group show)

  • Stranger Factory Gallery(NM)-PEEPSHOW (group show)

  • Dream Factory(Frankfurt)-Pop Swap Show (group show)

  • Hive Gallery(LA)-Hive 10 years anniversary (group show)

  • AliceandBeanstalks gallery(Tokyo)-DelusionAnimals(group show)

  • Naples Tattoo convention (Naples) -'Monsters and Witches' (group show) 

  • Alice and Beanstalks(Tokyo)- A&B JHSGroup(group show)

  • Left Hand Black Gallery(San Diego) - creature Feature (group show)

  • UJP Art Auction Exhibition, Group (group show)

  • AliceandBeanstalks gallery(Tokyo)-'Dark Alice show' (group show)

  • The Hive Gallery(LA)-'Master Blasters of sculptures' (group show)



  • COPRO GALLERY(Santa Monica)-Conjoined IV (group show)

  • AUGUSTE CLOWN GALLERY (Victoria)-HALLOWEEN (group show)

  • Mark Miller Gallery (NYC)-"Beasticon2" (group show)


  • Alice and Beanstalks gallery (Tokyo) -"Alice&Cheshire cat show" (group show)

  • Hive Gallery(LA)-"Hive 9year Anniversary" (group show)

  • FULCRUM  gallery (Tacoma) -"CONSTELLATION"2nd place- (group show)

  • Left Hand Black Gallery (San Diego) - "2nd Till Death" Art Show-(group show)

  • Rouge Gallery (NY)-"Emerging Contemporary Artists from Japan"-(group show)

  • True Love Gallery (Seattle)-"CONSTELLATION" - (group show)

  • Nosetaradamasu (Kitakyusyu, Japan)- UJP 4 (group show) 

  • Hidden LA (LA)- Fresh Print Show (group show)

  • Left Hand Black Gallery (San Diego) - CreatureFeature (group show)

  • Alice and Beanstalks gallery (Tokyo) - JIPANG (group show)

  • Hidden LA (LA)- "Star Wars Show"-  (group show)



  • Alice and Beanstalks Gallery (Tokyo)-"Bible of  The Judas" (solo exhibition) 

  • Hive Gallery(LA)- "Master Blasters of Sculpture5" -(featured artist)

  • Hive Gallery(LA)-(mini solo show)

  • Hive Gallery (LA)-"Onward Navigating the Japanese Future2013"-(group show)

  • Alice and beanstalk (Tokyo)-"Monsters!!"-(group show)

  • Nosetaradamasu (Kitakyusyu, Japan)- UJP 3 (group show) 

  • Rogue space gallery (NYC)-"ArtfusionJapaneseContemporaryPioneers 2013"- (group show)



  • Hive Gallery (LA)-Master Blasters of sculpture4 (group show)

  • Christon Cafe (Tokyo)-LunaticSabbath Halloween (art & dance event)

  • Hive Gallery (LA) [Onward Navigating the Japanese future2012] (group show)

  • Alice and Beanstalks(Tokyo)-The Skull Show!! curated by TokyoJesus-(group show)

  • 2/20 Gallery(NYC)-EmergingContemporaryArtistsOfJapan2012 (group show)


  • Initiate Pearl(Tokyo)-Art on the Pearl (charity group show)

  • Alice and Beanstalks(Tokyo)-Record Jacket Exhibition (group show)

  • Alice and Beanstalks(Tokyo)-Skulls (charity group show)


  • Harajuku Design Festa Gallery(Tokyo)- ARTALK (group show)

  • Alice and Beanstalks, (Tokyo)- Design Festa (event)

  • Alice and Beanstalks, (Tokyo)-Rapunzel Exhibition  (group show)



  • Alice and Beanstalks(Tokyo)-Alice (group show)

  • Alice and Beanstalks(Tokyo)-Oz (group show)

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