Sayu (a.k.a. Tokyo Jesus) is a sculptor, painter and toy designer.

He makes characters who live in a world called TokyoJesus, filled with tons of skulls and ruined technology. His layered and insightful work conveys multiple viewpoints throughout each piece.


All of the characters are facing their destiny and struggling with their lives.

Even they are Gods, monsters, or devils.

The concept of Animism can be seen influencing each piece.

The main themes are always about life, death and the rules of the universe.


His drawings, paintings, toys, and pieces of jewelry are created with digital as well as hand-crafted. He lives in Japan with his wife/artist,  Eimi Takano.




Born in Okayama, Japan, Sayu taught himself art from the age of 20.

He started his career as a TV prop maker and then became a Sofubi sculptor for Bandai for the next four years.



He began his foray into jewelry making and during this time, he started an art gallery in Koenji, Tokyo, which curated one to two art shows every month. 


He began creating sculptural work.


He began showing in the US and Europe.


He began creating paintings and illustrations.



His gallery was put on hiatus as he focused more on his work as a solo artist.


He began to show his work in Asia.


He was again a part of the “Arcane Divination : The Lost Cards” minifigure series, the followup to 2016’s “Arcane Divination”.