Sayu (a.k.a. Tokyo Jesus) is a sculptor, painter, and toy designer.
Japan-based artist. 

Born in Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture (Japan), a place rich in nature, he spent several years in Rhode Island and Boston (USA) as a child.

After working as a soft vinyl sculptor for toy manufacturers such as BANDAI, Banpresto in his youth, he began his career as an artist in Tokyo.


He is currently working in a studio in Saitama with his partner and respected artist, Eimi Takano.
With a background of having spent time in several countries and cities, he creates works with a unique worldview that overlaps Eastern and Western values.


His themes include Ruin, Memory, Life, Death, Sex, Technology, and Animism. In addition, he often uses Skulls, Gods in the Myth, Humanoid, Yokai, and Monsters as motifs.