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Tokyo Jesus Bio


He is an artist based in Japan, showcasing his work to global audiences.

Sayu, better known as Tokyo Jesus, experienced numerous relocations during his childhood.

Among these, his time in a nature-rich secluded town in Okayama Prefecture, his birthplace, profoundly influenced his worldview.

This environment allowed him to intimately experience the life cycles of flora and fauna, deeply influencing his art.

His works deeply resonate with "Animism" – a reverence and awe for nature – and the "Yaoyorozu" belief that every object possesses a spirit.

Drawing inspiration from these philosophies, his art primarily revolves around themes of fundamental human desires, universal values, and life and death. Furthermore, due to his life experiences in various places, including overseas, his works embody a unique worldview that seamlessly blends Eastern and Western perspectives, urban and local sensibilities, as well as high technology and low technology.

As his fanbase and collectors expanded globally, he realized the constraints of reaching only a limited audience with singular art pieces. With this in mind, he diversified his artistry to encompass art toys, mini busts, and drawing studies, striving to share his works with as many supporters as possible.

Especially after 2020, the spread of COVID-19 limited major art exhibitions and events, prompting him to primarily focus on producing art toys and small busts. However, from 2023 onwards, while still emphasizing art toys and small busts, he also began to renew his dedication to creating sculptures, drawings, paintings, and other significant individual art pieces.

Currently, he has moved his studio from Tokyo to Saitama and is working on his creations daily alongside Eimi Takano, who is both an artist and a partner.

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