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Original Drawing "Gotaimen"

Original Drawing "Gotaimen" (Big Head Yokai) by Tokyo Jesus


Material: Graphite on Paper (*Using Maruman 60g/㎡ Croquis Paper)

Paper Size: approx. 191x 226mm ( 7.52 x 8.9inches)

Art Size:  approx. 180x  209mm ( 7.1x  8.23inches)

*We ship Worldwide.

* One Make

*Signed and stamped by the artist.  



Yokai “五体面 -Gotaimen-”.

The Yokai was written in “百鬼夜行絵巻”(Hyakki Yagyo Emaki) made in 1832. It has no details about him in the book. This time I drew him as a kindness yokai. He takes kids to their home when he found them far from their house.


Original Drawing "Gotaimen"

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