Art Print "Ohaguro Bettari"

Art Print "Ohaguro Bettari" by Tokyo Jesus

Edition number:  30

Material: Ink on HQ Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper 

Paper Size: 298x 210mm ( 11.7 x 8.26 inches)

Art Size:  approx. 215x  189mm ( 8.46 x 7.4 inches)

*We ship Worldwide.

*Signed and stamped by the artist.  



Yokai “お歯黒べったり-Ohaguro Bettari-”

She wears beautiful kimono and smiles with her Ohaguro teeth. Ohaguro is a kind of makeup culture witch paint their teeth black. Married ladies did till Meiji era in Japan. She tempts men and makes them surprise with her nothing face.


Art Print "Ohaguro Bettari"