Re Start /近況報告

Updated: Jun 9, 2020


I would like to share more information about my works and ordinary days on this blog.

I think many people who ordered some pieces on my web store want to know the order status now. I will share it today.

I always touch up the pieces until the very last minute.

If you ordered Keshi, Doctor, or some Blanks on the end of April,

it is going to ship out in several days.

I'm working hard for it every day now.

New Package for Keshi. / 消し用の新パッケージ


To the customers who ordered before the end of April:

Several packages have not arrived at the customer yet due to the Corona Virus. Especially to US customers.

Usually shipping to the US from Japan, it only takes around a week.

But the flight to the US and a few countries from Japan has decreased due to the pandemic.

It makes the phase of leaving Japan border takes the longest time now.

So it looks no motion when we search the tracking.

Some of the shipping takes a few months by arriving.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

I appreciate your patience.

The next online sale is scheduled in the middle of June.


I will post a more fun article next time.

Thank you for reading.

Love from Japan. Arigato!

TJ Sayu

WIP 250 Gakis for the Keshi/ 今回のケシ全部で250体制作中。
Packing Gaki & Baphomet (Blank) / ブランクの梱包



まずは、4月末にKESHIやDoctor, ブランクをオーダーしてくれた方々へ。






東京ジーザス Sayu


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