Omake (Bonus piece) / オマケ



Today, I will talk about two topics.

One is About "Omake." (Bonus piece.)

Another is an update about the shipping status of the last online sale.

 Recently, I have been putting an "Omake (bonus)" on every order.

Sometimes I put in a spirited one, and sometimes I put in one that's lying around.

 Recently, I made a big Baphomet button-badge just for the OMAKE, but the response was little.

 So I wear the Baphomet button badge on my chest and wandered around to feel the neighborhood's response. As a result, it was just a dog barked at me.

By the way, I have to update you about the orders at the end of April.

I was trying to improve the quality of my pieces.

And I've been saying "a little more" and "a little more."

And now, it's past the scheduled shipping date.

(Umm...I'm sorry.)

 So when can I make it? This weekend...? Umm, I think I can ship it all by June 10th.

The regulars must say that "It's always the same, I knew that. "

But I'm sure some of you are new to this, so I'm always like this.

I hope you will join the regulars in a few months and say that "It's always the same, I knew that. "

Btw, I'm working hard and trying to make as soon as possible with good quality. Thank you for your patience.

I appreciate it.

That image below is a new omake.

It is going to put in all packages for who ordered at the last online sale, the end of April.

The next online sale is scheduled in the middle of June.

See you soon.

TJ Sayu

OMAKE for End of April orders. 4月末注文のオマケ


To the customers who ordered before the end of April:

Several packages have not arrived at the customer yet due to the Corona Virus. Especially to US customers.

Usually shipping to the US from Japan, it only takes around a week.

But the flight to the US and a few countries from Japan has decreased due to the pandemic.

It makes the phase of leaving Japan border takes the longest time now.

So it looks no motion when we search the tracking.

Some of the shipping takes a few months by arriving.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

I appreciate your patience.


Making Boxes of The Doctor / 箱の制作



 最近、オーダー頂いた方には"オマケ" を入れてます。


















東京ジーザス Sayu


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