Doctor Painting 1 / Doctor その1

Updated: Jun 8, 2020


A Kitsune (fox) mask I made to take a break. /息抜きで造った狐の面


Today, I want to share the steps of the Doctor's painting for people who are waiting for a long time by it ships out. (Thanks for waiting!)

The piece at right is a protector for painting. It protects the area where I don't want to spray.

Painting mask (right) / 塗装用マスク(右)




The spray makes it easy to find the air bubbles and paint bite.

Since there are quite a lot of air bubbles, it fills up with Tamiya's polyester putty.

For some reason, watching polyester putty makes me want to eat a hot dog with lots of mustard.

filling the bubbles up / 気泡埋め







After this, you can finish it off with sandpaper. It's going to be a long story, so that's it for today. Have a good day !







To the customers who ordered before the end of April:

Several packages have not arrived at the customer yet due to the Corona Virus. Especially to US customers.

Usually shipping to the US from Japan, it only takes around a week.

But the flight to the US and a few countries from Japan has decreased due to the pandemic.

It makes the phase of leaving Japan border takes the longest time now.

So it looks no motion when we search the tracking.

Some of the shipping takes a few months by arriving.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

I appreciate your patience.

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